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Gritty Potting Mix
Gritty Potting Mix
Gritty Potting Mix

Gritty Potting Mix

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Shopleaf Gritty Potting Mix

Cacti and succulents are mostly native to sandy places. These plants have shallow, delicate root systems that are used to loose, well draining soils. This is why they have some special requirements compared to other types of plants.

Our Gritty Potting Mix is designed to mimic the natural habitat in which these desert plants are used to growing.
It’s made with more than 15 kinds of substrate and minerals making it fast-draining which prevents soil compaction that leads to root rot — perfect for cacti and succulents. Also recommended for all houseplants/indoor plants that are prone to overwatering.


Diverse minerals added for long term fertilization

Reusable, low-degradation

Enriched with organic fertilizer & slow release fertilizer

Can also be used as bottom layer on pots to improve drainage

Ready to use (no need to rinse). Fertilized up to 6 months, add fertilizer of choice after 3-6months.

  1. 50% Pumice,
  2. 30% Shopleaf All Purpose Potting Mix (Peat Substrate, Compost, Carbonized Hull, Pumice, Perlite),
  3. 20% Shopleaf Rainbow Pon (Red & Black Lava Rocks, Maifan Stone, Green Zeolite, Quartz Stones, River Sand, Crystal Sand, Pumice),
  4. <1% Shopleaf Neem Dust (NPK 5-1-1),
  5. <1% Slow Release Fertilizer (NPK 14-14-14)