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About Us

Welcome to Shopleaf — your home for all things plants. Our journey began in November 2018, sprouting from a playful brainstorming session between co-founders Kim and Justine. Their shared hobby soon blossomed into a thriving online shop, offering potted plants from our makeshift garden garage to our customers' homes.

Today, we happily run a physical store and nurture an ever-expanding community of plant lovers. Shopleaf is rooted in a passion for cultivating meaningful relationships between people and their plants. We believe in these green companions' many joys and benefits: purifying air, reducing stress, and simply adding beauty to any space.

We are committed to sourcing plants from local and international nurseries and delivering healthy potted greens and comprehensive plant kits nationwide and the necessary guidance for their growth. With the help of our e-guides, social media tips, virtual assistance, and care card instructions, we aim to ensure that every plant thrives from foliage to roots.

A cornerstone of our mission at Shopleaf is a commitment to sustainability. In partnership with Europe's Ecopots, we provide beautifully designed pots crafted from recycled materials. Furthermore, as proud members of "1% for the Planet," we pledge to contribute at least one percent of our annual sales to environmental causes.

Although our steps towards a more sustainable world might seem small, we firmly believe every effort counts. This belief steers us towards collaborations with brands and individuals with the same passion for the environment.

Shopleaf extends beyond a business; it is a passionate community. Our mission is simple — to share this green happiness, one potted plant at a time.



We love hearing from you and are here to help! If you have any questions, inquiries, or simply want to chat about plants, please reach out to us through our email at sales@shopleaf.ph or connect with us on our social media platform at Shopleaf Plant Studio. We strive to respond to every message, but please understand that there may be some delays on busy days.

In an effort to streamline our communication and improve order efficiency, we have temporarily suspended phone call inquiries. By focusing our resources on email and social media, we can ensure every question is queued and addressed properly. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this change.

Thank you for choosing Shopleaf, and we look forward to assisting you on your green journey.