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Peruvian Fern (XL)
Peruvian Fern (XL)
Peruvian Fern (XL)

Peruvian Fern (XL)

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Plant Name
Nephrolepsis pendula

The spectacular fronds of a mature Peruvian Fern can grow as long as 2 meters.

Peruvian Fern thrives in sunny locations (outdoors full sun or outdoors shaded) with its potting medium more on the moist side. 

Every plant is unique and can therefore differ from the plant shown on the photo.

Full Sun / Outdoor Shaded / Direct Morning Sun

Water until it drains at the bottom of the pot
Water when the top 1" soil is dry

Remember to water your plants with intuition. If the leaves look droopy or shriveled, they probably need water. If they are dusty, give them a shower or wipe off their leaves. 

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