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Neon Pothos in LECA
Neon Pothos in LECA
Neon Pothos in LECA
Neon Pothos in LECA
Neon Pothos in LECA

Neon Pothos in LECA

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Plant Name

Epipremnum aureum neon

This plant arrangement is rooted in LECA

LECA, or Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, is a fantastic choice for your green buddies. Here are some benefits:

Improved Aeration: LECA allows roots to breathe, preventing waterlogged soil and promoting healthy growth.

Better Drainage: It helps excess water escape, reducing the risk of root rot.

Easy Maintenance: Say goodbye to frequent repotting; LECA retains moisture and nutrients.

Happy, Thriving Plants: Your plants will thank you with lush foliage and good health.

Every plant is unique and can therefore differ from the plant shown on the photo.

Outdoor Shaded / Bright Indirect Light / Direct Morning Sun 

To water plants in LECA, place the pot inside a decorative outer pot or on a tray/saucer. Pour water until it's leveled just below the bottom of the root system. This puts your plant in charge of how much water it's receiving, and it can sip on the water that's been soaked in by the LECA. Simply keep the water reservoir topped up at the bottom, below root level, and your plant will take what it needs. 

Black Nursery Pot 9 cm


Ecopots Antwerp Mini 11 (Double Pot)

  • Pot (Diameter x Height): 4.5" x 4" (11.5cm x 10cm)
  • Saucer included
  • Volume: 0.6L

100% recycled materials

Every Ecopots uses up to 80% recycled plastic which are collected from the ocean.

These pots are durable and their designs are timeless, so they will last you a long time, lessening environmental impact. 

To know more about Ecopots™ click this link.