Why Should You Care About Sustainability? – Shopleaf Plant Studio

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Why Should You Care About Sustainability?

Last April 22, the whole world celebrated the 52nd annual Earth Day! This eco-friendly holiday is a global movement to help raise awareness for environmental issues and advocate for sustainability. Of course, a single day won’t combat our planet's most pressing issues. It took years, generations, and a string of bad habits, for the oceans to be polluted and the climate to drastically change. Therefore, it’s going to take time as well to undo all the damage. That’s why true change is formed by creating daily sustainable habits. So even though Earth Day has passed, it doesn’t mean we should stop thinking of ways to make our planet thrive!

The theme for this year's Earth Day was “Invest in Our Planet”. The theme encourages individuals, businesses, and organizations to do their part in ensuring we leave the world better than we found it.  It is all our shared responsibility to take care of our planet, and we need to work together to achieve that. The global non-profit organization, 1% for the Planet, is a prime example of showing that there is power in unity. Businesses and individuals partner with 1% for the Planet and give 1% of their gross profit to be donated to a chosen non-profit environmental organization. It’s an incredible movement that allows anyone to give back to mother nature, and we’re so honored to be a certified member!

Yep, a few months ago we announced that Shopleaf was officially a member of 1% for the Planet! As a business that values sustainability, it was only natural for us to partner with an organization that values sustainability as much as we do. So know that whenever you purchase something from Shopleaf, 1% of our total annual profit will go directly to a non-profit environmental organization. 

Imagine a world without clean water to drink, without coal and oil to cook your meals, or without plants and animals to feed your hungry bellies. If we don’t take care of our natural resources today, this will become the reality for future generations. 

This is why sustainability matters to us. We believe it is our moral duty to leave the planet with ample natural resources for future generations. Another small way we live out our values as a business is through our Ecopots. Ecopots are plant pots made from a unique blend of recycled materials, 80% of which are recycled plastic. We wanted to ditch the plastic pots and invest in something durable, beautiful, and better for the planet. We’re not saying Ecopots will change the world, but it’s a start. Making small changes in our lifestyle like using less plastic, saving electricity, or taking shorter showers, is one step towards building a sustainable world for all. In our small ways, we can make a difference.