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The Internet’s favorite plants and how to keep them alive at home

Being more than a pastime, plant parenting or horticultural therapy is an opportunity to convene with nature and reconnect with ourselves. Not only do these leafy greens breathe life into our spaces, they have been proven to boost your mood, improve air quality and increase your productivity. Plants create time and space for you to nurture yourself and the things around you. 

This is the reason our community’s love for plants has been growing and blooming. We’re incessantly looking for ways to lift our spirits and new hobbies to delve into. While some have turned to making sushi bake or Dalgona coffee, co-plant parents invested in fresh greenery and we learn something along the way from seasoned planters and even beginners. Planting is truly therapeutic and sparks so much joy into our lives.

As our obsession grows, we rediscover classics and find joy in new plant species. If you're looking for a planty pick-me-up, here’s a rundown of the internet’s favorite plants and the plant care tips in keeping them alive at home! 

1. Rubber Trees

The ubiquitous Rubber Trees have dominated the webspace and house spaces for being one of the most popular in-house tree-like plants. It adds height to any space and will be a striking part of your home decor. Being low-maintenance, Rubber Plants have spectacular rich, dark, and glossy foliage that range from deep burgundy red to nearly chalky black hue.

This stunner doesn't like to sit in water and they prefer well-draining, well-aerated potting soil. Water every 1 to 2 weeks. They love bright sunlight, but not direct! Best to place them near a sheer curtain to get lots of bright light and if it gets leggy, leaves lose its luster and keep on falling off then it’s not getting enough light. Keeping the plants in small pots will restrict their growth, if you want to keep them smaller. 

Pro Tip: If you’re patient enough to grow your own Rubber Tree, plants that start out younger when you buy them adapt better to indoor living than starting with a more mature plant. 

Learn more about Troubleshooting Rubber Trees here.

2. Fiddle Leaf Bambino

This beautifully sculptural plant became an internet sensation of the interior design world seemingly overnight. Did you know its name was derived from the violin or the fiddle shape formed by the leaves? Also known as Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig, this houseplant is even more finicky than you thought! 

This plant loves bright, indirect sunlight. Allow the top of the soil to dry out a few inches between waters as they prefer drying out between watering. Mist foliage with a trigger sprayer to increase humidity. Feed with a slow-release fertilizer once every six months!

Pro tip: Rotate to avoid leaning or leggy plants. And whatever you do, don’t leave water sitting in the drip tray for more than a day.

3. Olive Trees

As much as we love Fiddle Leaf Figs, Olive Trees are the newest IT plant for 2021! Olive Trees have more of a light, sage-colored foliage and are a little more feathery. It also symbolizes peace, wisdom and tranquility. 

Perfect for modern, transitional or contemporary interiors, this greenery thrives best in full sun for at least 6 hours. A sunny, south-facing window is ideal and this will work beautifully in any indoor spacebut don't let leaves touch the glass as that contact can cause burning!

Plant Olive Trees in cactus and potting mix because it appreciates the pots with perfect drainage. Since it’s from the Mediterranean descent, it’s used to drought so best not to overwater and let the soil dry in between waterings.

Pro Tip: Since Olive Trees are slow growers, they still need some time and room to grow! Keep it happy by replanting it in a container that gives the root ball a few inches of space on the sides. 

4. Traveler's Palm

Native to Madagascar, this unique, two-dimensional tree is one of nature’s most recognized and remarkable plants. It can create a welcoming tropical paradise by decorating an entryway or any room with vertical space to fill. The Traveler's Palm gets its name from the fact that thirsty travelers could find stores of water in many parts of the plant!

This beautiful, fan-like foliage loves bright and indirect light. Water it when the top inch of soil feels dry. The soil must remain consistently moist due to its rain forest origins. A rich, loamy soil with neutral to mild acidity works best.

Pro Tip: Ever notice your plant growing but not fanning out? It may be because it’s not receiving enough sunlight! Transfer your plant to a space with a bight light or south-facing window.

Learn more about troubleshooting Traveler’s Palm here.

5. Monstera Borsigina Albo Variegata

Dubbed as the internet’s favorite family (and we’re sure you love them, too!). Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata, the rarest, most sought after of its variegated kind, the most expensive in the market and quite impossible to find! It has uniquely perforated leaves, a vibrant green color and striking white leaves that are reminiscent of its native jungle environment. 

This Variegated Monstera became an Instagram obsession. It sparked an online bidding war among botanists last year and the plant has sold for almost $5,000.  In recent years, it has been all over our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. Growing this tropical “Swiss Cheese Plant” requires a certain level of skill. 

This luscious and exotic plant needs lots of light because it lacks chlorophyll. It adapts well to any light but doesn’t like direct one. A supplementary Grow Light can do wonders too! Use a pot with the right drainage and make sure the soil is rich and loamy, this plant prefers alkaline to acidic soil!

Pro Tip: The watering schedule will depend when the soil is dry. Check the moisture level and if the 2-inch part of the soil feels dry, water until it starts to drain! Don’t forget to throw the water from the catch plate.

We’ve got an abundance of gorgeous greenery and beautiful flora and fauna. More than that, we are also your go-to source for plant care and advice through our blog, newsletter, social media posts, and virtual assistance—making sure that it is easy for beginners to start their plant parenting journey. #GetYourHandsDirty

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