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‘Tis the Season of Indoor Pine Trees

Norfolk Island and Silver Pine Trees are often bought as adorable little decors to kick off the holiday season. But they are more than just a piece of seasonal aesthetic or alternatives to their much traditional and hulk-sized cousins. These small pine trees can make wonderful additions to your growing indoor garden all year round as they are quite easy to care for and are great in improving indoor air quality!

In this post, learn more about your pine tree companion and help them thrive through our recommended care guide for them.


Norfolk Island Pine Trees (Araucaria heterophylla) and Silver Pine Trees (Pinus Penderosa ) are known for their elegant and dainty appearance. Despite their name and appearance, these house plants are anything but pine. They are, in actuality, a tropical and native plant to the South Pacific, which explains why they’re a joy to have around in not only the “brr months,” but in the hot summer months as well.


Pro-Tip: Make sure to save them a spot at a south or west window to provide a sunshine-filled pastime. This tropical plant would also appreciate having a humid space and receiving frequent watering.


Light: These pine trees prefer to grow underneath bright indirect light to direct sunlight as tropical plants—preferably the latter. It may acclimate to medium lighting or dimmer conditions for a relatively long period, but it could have a long, straggly stem and an unsatisfied plant as a result.

Pro-Tip: Try turning your indoor house plant from time to time, so every side gets equal light. 


Water: These dwarfed pines like to keep themselves moist—but not too soggy! So, it is best to water them once every one to two weeks or when the soil is nearly dry. You would be able to tell if it is too dry by how brown and crispy the tips of its branches will be.

Soil: These houseplants would most definitely enjoy growing in a peat-based potting mixture because the mix will slowly acidify as the peat breaks down, providing a nutritious experience for the acid-loving pine trees.

Humidity: A boost of humidity is always welcome for these houseplants. To help maintain their lushness and health, you could place a humidifier nearby, squeeze it in a group of other potted plants, or mist them regularly with our Shopleaf Mister Bottle!

We hope you find this article helpful in properly taking care of your new small pine trees, plant parent! If you have any other inquiries, our plant experts are only a message away on Facebook and Instagram!

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