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Grow Your Money Plant!

Money may not grow on trees, but legend says that money trees can bring great luck and prosperity. Although we can't promise that money trees will bring you wealth, we can guarantee that this unique and lush indoor plant will definitely liven up your space! The best part? It’s super easy to care for, so you don’t have to go through the misfortune of accidentally killing it (yikes!).

We listed down some essential Money Plant care tips to help you keep your money plants alive and well, so read on for good plant care luck!

One thing that’s great about money plants is its low-maintenance light requirements. They thrive best in bright and indirect lighting, so selecting a shady yet bright spot for your plant is ideal. However, don’t leave your money plant in direct sunlight to avoid scorching its leaves!

Luckily, money plants can thrive well under fluorescent lighting. It’s probably why money plants are a popular office plant (aside from bringing in luck and fortune, of course!).

When it comes to money plants, all you gotta do is hydrate it, and then move on! Money plants like to be watered in big, infrequent doses. So all you have to do is water your plant until water seeps out of the pots’ drainage holes, and then you can leave it to soak up that water for 10-14 days. You’ll know you need to water it again when 2-4 inches of the topsoil starts to crack or dry out.  Just remember not to overwater your money plant to prevent root rot!

Wondering why your money plant isn’t growing anymore? Chances are your soil lacks nutrients, because as your plant grows, it sucks up the soils’ nutrients. That’s why it is important to maintain nutrient-rich soil so your plant will continue to thrive. To achieve this, find a balanced fertilizer with good drainage (aka it helps the soil absorb water at a moderate rate — not too slow, not too fast).

You can check out our All-Purpose Soil-Less Potting Mix. It’s our very own mix of enriched indoor potting mix that we use in almost all the plants we sell!

Money plants thrive best in humid and moist environments. But If you can’t guarantee that ideal environment for your money tree, no worries! We suggest putting your money tree on a tray filled with pebbles and a little bit of water (just enough to cover the pebbles). As the water evaporates, the steam will provide more humidity around your plant. You can also mist your plant for more moisture!

Lastly, avoid repotting your money plant! Once your money plant is happily established in its home, it’s best to not move it around. However, if you do need to repot it, just expect its leaves to drop a bit. But not to worry, it will eventually adjust!

Ready to care for a money plant? Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll reap the benefits of this popular house plant! It may not guarantee that you’ll be swimming in riches, but it'll definitely repay you with an abundance of greenery! Good luck!