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Decorating Your Bathroom With Plants

Decorating your home with plants always creates a great impression. But it shouldn't just stop in common areas, such as the kitchen and the living room. Consider pushing the envelope further and bring the outdoor feel indoors by decorating your bathroom with plants. Aside from the decorative aspect, plants help clean the air so your bathroom will surely make you feel cleaner. What's most important is to study the kinds of plants you are thinking of using before you buy them for your bathroom. Remember that each plant thrives differently.

Before you plants, make sure you check for the following things in your bathroom:

  • Allowable space that the plants can occupy
  • Sunlight
  • Moisture and Humidity

Take a mental note of these things so you can purchase the best kinds of plants for your bathroom. 

Here are some common plants that people consider when decorating the bathroom. Do remember that it's still important to know how your bathroom environment is before buying:

1. Pothos

Regarded as one of the easiest plants to take care of, Pothos needs minimal maintenance. It creates a lush atmosphere especially when the plants have grown longer. You can either place this by the sink or even hang it from a shelf.


If you have a sunny bathroom and shower frequently, you can consider bringing in a Fiddle Fig Leaf. This plant loves humidity and the heat. Having this plant around creates a great focal point to the space, especially with the size it will occupy.


3. Fern

What's nice about the Fern is that it can withstand the fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Just make sure to keep the soil moist at all times. 

4. Aglaonema

This sturdy and beautiful plant has eye-catching patterns. Your guests will surely love how unique this plant is. Since this plant can thrive in just about any kind of condition, you can leave it anywhere. But should you have bright light seeping through the windows, it will help the Evergreen bloom like a calla lilies.

5. Bamboo

This creates a great countertop piece. A lot of people who believe in feng shui actually have bamboo indoors as it is believed to bring luck! Water sparingly and remove any yellow leaves to keep it looking fresh.

6. Air Plants

Air plants are famous for being low-maintenance — they don't even need soil! Don't forget to give the plants enough light — a bathroom with bright light is preferred. Give air plants a soak in a dish of water for 12 hours every 2-3 weeks.

Which one is your favorite plant here? Do let us know and we'd love for you to share comments on how else you decorate your bathroom.