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Zenzi ZZ (XS)
Zenzi ZZ (XS)

Zenzi ZZ (XS)

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Plant Name
Zenzi ZZ

Characterized by its glossy, compact and thick leaves that grow very closely to one another, Zenzi is the smaller version of the well-known ZZ Plant. This dwarf cultivar of the ZZ Plant is quite a slow grower and tolerates low-light situations making it ideal as an office plant.

Plant Size
More or less 12"

Every plant is unique and can therefore differ from the plant shown in the photo.

Orange Nursery Pot 10 cm


Clear Plastic Pot in Shopleaf Rainbow Pon with Sustee

  • Pot (Diameter x Height): 3.9" x 3.5" (10cm x 9cm)
  • Saucer included