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Shopleaf Super Soil-Less Aroid Mix
Shopleaf Super Soil-Less Aroid Mix

Shopleaf Super Soil-Less Aroid Mix

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We have been perfecting this Premium potting medium for more than a year and we are excited to finally launch it! We have carefully formulated a mix of organic and inorganic materials, making it more sterile as an ideal home for the roots to grow and plants to thrive. 

Our aroid mix is a blend of coco peat, super compost, perlite, aged tree bark, coco cubes and neem dust. You can almost smell the forest in this mix!

With a light structure and chunky texture that allow air and water to go deeply into the soil and roots, this in-house combination is designed to be the loving base to help your Monsteras, Philodendrons, Syngoniums, and Anthuriums live their best and healthy lives!

Please recycle your bucket after use. 

Available in 8L Sack and 6L, 12L Bucket