Premium Aroid Potting Mix – Shopleaf Plant Studio

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Premium Aroid Potting Mix
Premium Aroid Potting Mix
Premium Aroid Potting Mix
Premium Aroid Potting Mix
Premium Aroid Potting Mix
Premium Aroid Potting Mix

Premium Aroid Potting Mix

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Shopleaf Premium Aroid Potting Mix

Our own blend of chunky and lightweight potting mix specifically made for tropical houseplants like:
1. Monstera
2. Philodendron
3. Aglaonema
4. Pothos
5. Syngonium
6. Rhaphidophora
7. Epipremnum
8. Scindapsus
9. Anthurium
10. Orchids 

- coarse & loose to allow more space for the roots to breathe and grow

- has imported pine barks and coco cubes for the roots to latch onto, signaling the plant to grow more

- just the right pH balance for plants – around 5.5pH

- fertilized organically

- aesthetically pleasing and does not stain your pot

- non-toxic – guaranteed all organic ingredients

- Some fine particles might form due to transport agitation. Please rinse with running water before use or water your newly potted plant thoroughly.

- Because of its coarse characteristics, the potting mix might not be able to hold heavy and/or large plants in place.

- Add fertilizer after 3 months or as needed.

- Monitor the moisture level of the potting mix more frequently because this mix tends to dry quicker, especially on hot days.

- This mix is not ideal for growing cuttings, seedlings, and seeds, as those require more moisture-retaining properties. Our All-Purpose Soilless Potting Mix is more suitable for cuttings.

Imported from Europe/Asia
1. Pine Barks
2. Peat Moss
3. Mineral Stones
4. Horticultural Perlite
5. Neem Dust

Locally sourced
6. Pumice
7. Coco Cubes
8. Coco Peat
9. Mycorrhizae compost