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Philodendron Pink Princess
Philodendron Pink Princess
Philodendron Pink Princess

Philodendron Pink Princess

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Plant Name
Philodendron Pink Princess

Our favorite thing about growing Philodendron Pink Princess is that no two leaves are exactly alike. It’s always an exciting surprise each time a new leaf comes out. We recommend placing it in a spot with good light in order to maximize its color.

Every plant is unique and can therefore differ from the plant shown on the photo.

Outdoor Shaded / Bright Indirect Light / Direct Morning Sun

Water until it drains at the bottom of the pot
Once a week or when the top 1-2" soil is dry

Remember to water your plants with intuition. If the leaves look droopy or shriveled, they probably need water. If they are dusty, give them a shower or wipe off their leaves.

Orange Nursery Pot 15 cm

Please note that the pot in the photo is Ecopots Venice 2 20 (sold separately).

*If you want this plant potted in a specific planter, please purchase the pot separately and add a note upon checkout so we can repot it for you.