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Shopleaf Neem Dust

Shopleaf Neem Dust

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Shopleaf Neem Dust is an organic plant supplement and natural product derived from neem kernels. It is popularly used as a natural fertilizer & plant supplement because of its insecticidal properties.

Effective as fertilizer, pesticide and fungicide.
100% Organic Rich with essential plant nutrients with excellent insecticidal properties.
Acts as a pest repellent and provides systemic resistance to plant.
Aids plant growth and metabolism.

Soak 1 pack in water overnight then use it for watering your plants, the residue can be used as soil topper.
Simply sprinkle or mix it in potting soil before watering.
Mix with potting media before repotting.
      *This can be used weekly.

      Natural neem kernels from India.

      Contents Approx. <70g

      I applied neem gold to the soil and there is a white furry mold growing on the neem gold. Will this harm my plants?

      The white furry stuff is a result of the natural process of the neem gold breaking down. The metabolites produced during decomposition process contribute to the pest control properties against pathogenic fungi. The mold does not harm living tissue of plants. If it is unsightly, this can be avoided by mixing neem gold into the soil when applying. Neem gold controls certain parasitic fungi in the root tissue and encouraged the growth of combative fungi such as trichoderma. This results in control of parasitic fungi and diseases such as root rot, blight and wilt.