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Trendy or Timeless? Here's Why Plants Make the Best Presents!

It's no secret that everyone and their mother has developed a mild obsession with these lush green things that sprout from the ground. Owning a plant (or more) may have boomed in the mainstream this past year, but the plant craze is more than just a trend! The beauty and appeal of houseplants do not fade away like fast-fashion trends or gimmicky trinkets—its beauty is timeless, and if well-tended, it can be marvelled at for generations. 

Since Christmas is right around the corner, the season of gift-giving is upon us; and what better gift to give your loved ones or next Kris Kringle than the gift that keeps on giving! 

You don’t have to be a certified plantita or plantito to care for a plant, and you certainly don’t need a green thumb! There are plenty of low-maintenance plants to choose from, such as the popular snake plant or beloved philodendron. A quick sprinkle of water in between meetings once a week and a healthy dose of sunshine will do just the trick to get these plants thriving! In return, our potted friends will not only liven up your space, but they will also help ease stress and boost overall well-being! It’s like little therapy in a pot! 

With a wide variety of species, sizes, styles, and levels of care to choose from, it's no surprise that gifting a plant is thoughtful and personal! Different kinds of plants also have symbolic meanings, so you can find a plant that resonates with the person on your gift list to make it even more meaningful! In your search for that perfect plant, remember that there is a plant out there that fits every lifestyle, aesthetic, and personality! 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all received a present from a co-worker or family member that we don’t use. It’s not their fault—it’s hard to find a gift to suit everyone. That’s why plants make the best gifts! These botanical beauties sit prettily in their pots while simultaneously purifying the air around you and creating a calmer, more peaceful environment! And if given a little love and nurture, these plant babies can last you a lifetime! 

Now that we have convinced you that plants are the perfect present to give your family, friends, or co-workers—run to our website to find the perfect plant present to give your loved ones this season! 

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