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Plant parent starter pack: Top tools and tips that you need for your plant to flourish

At Shopleaf Plant Studio, we want everyone to experience a life lived better and happier with plants. We are on a mission to foster love and care with urban gardening. It’s a good thing we’ve got years of experience growing plants and making life a little fuller with some lush houseplants. As we source plants from local and international nurseries and deliver healthy potted greens and plant kits with utmost care to every home, we are on a pursuit to strengthen people’s relationship with plants.

While many of you think that growing and taking care of a plant is complicated and time-consuming, being a plant parent is downright easy and incredibly rewarding. Plant care does require consistency, basic knowledge of your plant’s specific needs, supplies, skill, and lots of patience. Treat it as if you are taking care of your pet! With time and experience, you will begin to recognize and address what they need. After all, this plant journey as a plant parent is something to be cherished and enjoyed for its positive effects in your home.

Trust us that we are here every step of the way as you fill your indoor or outdoor oasis with greenspiration. In order for your care efforts to be more effective, our webshop is stocked with top-of-the-line urban gardening products that will perfectly help you on your journey to a greener thumb.

Whether you’re just starting your plant journey or your a pro plant moms and plant dadsOur blog has got you covered with essentials, quality pots, in-house soil, and the right tools to #GetYourHandsDirty!

Aroid Mix

Shopleaf Super Soiless Aroid Mix is our newest in-house potting medium suitable for your dear tropical houseplants! 

We have taken our plant-loving nerdiness and carefully formulated this special mix of organic and inorganic ingredients such as coco peat, super compost, perlite, aged tree bark, coco cubes and neem dust! High quality ingredients to hit their optimum growth and thrive in sweet spots. You can almost smell the forest!

Available in a 6 liter bucket and 8 liter sack.



We believe in sustainability and durability  that's why we partnered with Ecopots from Europe to bring you quality and beautifully designed pots made from recycled materials. Available in all of the earth-inspired colors you know and love. UV resistant, break-proof, frost resistant, and has a lifespan of over 10 years!


Organic Neem Oil

Plants need some cleaning too! Our 100% Organic Neem Oil is all-natural and  non-toxic to humans and pets. It's an effective leaf cleaner and a great solution for insects, mites, or fungi bothering your plants. It can also be applied as a preventive measure.

Pro tip: Dilute 18-20 drops of 100% Shopleaf Organic Neem Oil in 250ml water and shake well. Do not apply if or when direct sunlight is on foliage. Use once a week.


Hidehisa Banno Sentei Pruning Shears

A true collector’s piece and A Good Design Award-winning set of shears. Handmade in Japan, each piece is forged and sharpened using traditional methods so every pair is unique and has its own variations and irregularity. Our newest Hidehisa Banno Sentei Pruning Shears are designed for trimming thin branches in tight spaces.

It’s not like your any other indoor plant shears, these scissors are made to perform at high standards using Japanese high carbon steel. Hand-forged, shaped and polished, it has smaller blades with narrow tips intended for more delicate plant care and hard-to-reach areas. The shears are well-known for their ease of grip while packing force and have handle rings essential for inserting the blades’ edges onto intricate branches and stems, with a maximum stem diameter of 10mm. 

Pro tip: Like all carbon steel tools and knives, these shears can rust if not cared for properly. Don’t forget to wipe them clean and dry after use. If intended to store for a long period of time, we recommend oiling them with camellia oil or vegetable oil.


Hidehisa Okuba Garden Scissors

Prune and trim to your heart’s content! Suited for indoor detailing and outdoor gardening, this another award-winning shears deliver the cleanest and sharpest cuts possible with its needlepoint. The shears feature an oversized handle for detailed trimming and the piercing blades were sharpened using traditional Japanese methods. No chemicals were used when coloring the handles.

Whether you’re pruning branches, roses, flowers, or houseplants, these Hidehisa Okuba Garden Scissors were made for you in creating your dream garden. Stylish, hand forged and environmentally friendly, it will definitely give you a strong, precise and clean-cut! The only shears you’ll ever need for general gardening use.

The outstanding beauty and sharpness of our latest Hidehisa products come from the combination of the highest level of craft and the selected raw materials.


Sansi Grow Light

All green plants require light to perform photosynthesis, during which special cells convert the energy contained in the light into sugars and in the process, plants give off oxygen. While many of you don’t always have access to the sunlight, our newest and most powerful Grow Light has advanced optimal structure made by the best in the industry, Sansi.

LEDs are great for your plants. Ours are calibrated to meet the exacting needs of indoor plants that produce full-spectrum light and ensure peak growth for whole plant growth, unlike the blue and red light that are just for vegetable and flower growth. 

Say no to eyesore! Our LED mixes all spectrum for a more uniform lighting distribution and proper proportion, just like the natural sunlight. It is made from eco-friendly materials and conducts less heat which generates more savings.


Got more questions about your plants? Feel free to send us an email at and we’d be happy to help! Happy gardening!

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