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How To Prep Your Plants Before Vacation

As international borders slowly open up, most of us are busy and excited about our upcoming trips. But we're sure the thought has crossed your mind, "If I leave, who is going to take care of my plants?" While the easiest option is to have someone else plant-sit for you, this might not be an option available for everyone (especially if you need to deliver so many plants to someone else's house).

You'll first need to check the watering frequency of each plant. Luckily, most indoor plants need watering every 1-2 weeks. So if this is the case, they need a good shower (and we mean to only shower dry (or nearly dry) potting mix). After which, you'll need to drain them properly so that the potting mix is just moist but not wet. This step prevents root rot. Remember that the amount of water will still differ from plant to plant, so it's always best to feel the potting mix before watering.

There are a few things you can do which are dependent on each plant you own. Remember that each plant is different, don't think every kind of plant has the same water and humidity needs.

Prune what needs to be pruned and snip away dead leaves or buds. This way, the nutrients will go back to the plants. Clean your plants by removing dust as you want to make sure they still can photosynthesize and produce their food.

Remember this - the more light you expose a plant, the more water it needs. Since you're going to be gone long, you should move your plants a little farther from their usual spot at home. That way, you're reducing the water they need. If you want to manage the light exposure, you can even opt to use the Sansi Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb.

We certainly don't want you to come home to dead plants so keep in mind the tip we mentioned earlier - overwatering and lacking drainage can lead to root rot. If there's one tool we religiously use to check for the soil's moisture, it's sticking a Sustee. That way, you'll really prevent overwatering your precious babies.

While fertilizer helps plants grow faster, this is something you should pause on putting on your plants. Because if you fertilize your plants, it also means they will need more water. So while you're away, hold off putting any nutrients to your plants.

Follow these tips and you'll feel less anxious leaving your green babies home. Enjoy prepping your plants before your vacation. They all need a little bit of TLC from their Momma/Poppa.

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