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4 Tips On How to Water Your Plants Like A Pro

Let’s face it, we all wished our plants could talk so that they could ask for water when they need it and how much of it they want. Watering is an essential aspect of plant care. Knowing how to water your plants properly can make a huge difference in their growth and lifespan. Often, the issue is embedded in this simple task. How do you water your plants?

To simplify things, we’ve listed down 4 tips on how you can water your plants more effectively to break the cycle of the watering dilemma. Bookmark this page to have something to look back on and to share with your plant-loving friends!

Tip #1: Water From Below

One common mistake of plant owners is that they water the soil from above, focusing on getting the exterior of the plants wet. Especially for indoor plants, watering the foliage can promote the growth of bacteria and can make your plants sick. Remember, the roots of the plants are what needs to be watered, not the leaves. You can do so by getting a bowl of water and placing the plant pot inside, and letting it sit there for a couple of minutes for it to absorb what it needs.

Tip #2: Water in the Morning

In connection with the first tip, watering your plants in the morning will give them ample time to dry if you do get their leaves wet. This would further protect your plants from getting diseases since bacteria will have a hard time propagating on drier surfaces.

Tip #3: Adjust Along the Season

Aside from plants having different water level needs, you also have to consider the season. If it is in a drier and humid environment, you might need to water more regularly and check the soil from time to time to ensure that your plant is getting enough water. You may skip days without watering again if it is a lot cooler.

Tip #4: Invest in a Foolproof System

Despite the points mentioned, plants can still be unpredictable at times. As a solution, we recommend using a plant water meter like Sustee Aquameter. This tool can help you define whether your plant needs to be watered and how much it can take as if it can talk and let you know exactly. You don’t need to be a pro gardener to keep your plants alive. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of help.

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