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All-Purpose Soil-Less Potting Mix
All-Purpose Soil-Less Potting Mix
All-Purpose Soil-Less Potting Mix
All-Purpose Soil-Less Potting Mix

All-Purpose Soil-Less Potting Mix

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税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Ready to use.

Our very own mix of enriched indoor potting mix that we use in almost all the plants we sell. We have been developing this formula for the past three years and we are proud to say that we have perfected a balanced medium that suits almost every type of indoor plant.

We procured, curated & tested every raw material 
of this mix ourselves and we took no shortcuts in creating this premium mix. We guarantee your money's worth.

Indoor Potting Mix Composition:

1. Carbonized Rice Hull
2. Decomposed Rice Hull
3. Coco Coir
4. Small & Medium Sized Pumice (for better aeration throughout the medium)
5. Organic Super Compost (the premium counterpart of Vermicast; we stopped using Vermicast/worm castings because worms are inevitable in this ingredient)
6. Aged Coco Peat (our own version of sundried coco peat; in decomposed condition for a more balanced pH level)
7. Neem Dust (for added nitrogen retention, improves soil condition & keeps pest at bay)
8. High Grade Peat Moss
9. Perlite

Additives: Mycorrhizae

Note: This is a lightweight composition that is why to avoid inconsistencies in weight (due to humidity factors) we measure by volume (liters).

Please recycle your bag after use.

Mycorrhiza is a non-disease-producing association in which the fungus invades the root to absorb nutrients. Mycorrhizal fungi establish a mild form of parasitism that is mutualistic, meaning both the plant and the fungus benefit from the association. About 90 percent of land plants rely on mycorrhizal fungi, especially for mineral nutrients (i.e., phosphorus), and in return the fungus receives nutrients formed by the plant.