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Matcha Milk

Matcha Milk

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Wellness + Immunity | Packed with superfood and feel-good adaptogen.

A healthy alternative to coffee in the morning.

Benefits of drinking Matcha Milk:
  • improves the body's response to stress
  • helps you lose weight
  • makes you feel full longer
  • reduces anxiety
  • enhances energy and focus without the crash from caffeine
  • lifts your mood
  • reduces levels of cortisol or the stress hormone
  • rich in antioxidants for healthy hair and skin

Pour 8oz of hot water or milk over 2-3 tablespoons of powder. Mix and sip in bliss.

matcha, coconut milk powder, ashwagandha, mct oil powder, coconut sugar

Each pack contains 80 grams of Matcha Milk. Makes 5-6 servings.