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Pilea White Splash (S)
Pilea White Splash (S)

Pilea White Splash (S)

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 Plant Notes

  • The newest variety of the popular Pilea or Chinese Money Plant. Pilea White Splash has unique and subtle variegations. The leaves are sprinkled with spots and splashes of white.
  • Prefers bright, indirect light. Pileas are prone to overwatering so make sure to water only when the soil is completely dry, or when the leaves start to droop – never let this plant sit in water as the roots will rot.

*Imported from Holland. Limited Stocks. 

Plant Size 
Small (Table Size)

Pot Info

Nursery Pot (Orange or Black)


Ecopots Amsterdam Mini 13

  • Pot Dimensions: 5" x 4.5" (Diameter x Height) 
  • No catch plate included for this size.
  • Pot doesn't have a drainage hole so we double pot upon request (nursery plastic pot inside the Ecopots)

100% recycled materials

Every Ecopots uses up to 80% recycled plastic which are collected from the ocean.

These pots are durable and their designs are timeless, so they will last you a long time, lessening environmental impact. 

To know more about Ecopots™ click this link.

 Every plant is unique and can therefore differ from the plant shown on the photo.