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Hidehisa Banno Sentei Pruning Shears

Hidehisa Banno Sentei Pruning Shears

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A true collector’s piece and A Good Design Award-winning set of shears. Handmade in Japan, Hidehisa Banno Sentei Pruning Shears is forged and sharpened using traditional methods. Our newest pair is perfectly designed for trimming thin branches in tight spaces!

It’s not like your any other indoor plant shears, these scissors are made to perform at high standards using Japanese high carbon steel. Handcrafted, shaped and polished, it has smaller blades with narrow tips intended for more delicate plant care and hard-to-reach areas. Limited pieces only.

Care Tips:

Like all carbon steel tools/knives, this tool can rust if not cared for properly. Wipe clean and dry after every use. When storing for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended to oil them using camellia oil or vegetable oil.